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Our full-stack developers build accessible, performant, and secure solutions. We only use time-tested engineering patterns to reduce dev time and save your costs.

What We Do

We are a software developer company with a great experience that help us transform ideas into programs and enable our customers to achieve success. Our team of professional, full-stack developers, designers and devops specialists help small companies, governments and leading businesses build amazing products.

Web Development Services

Web Development

Develop E-commerce, CRM, ERP and other custom feature-reach web apps on PHP, Node.jS, React.js, AngularJS, Vue.js and etc.

Mobile App Development

Create reliable and user-friendly apps for iOS and Android devices & digital solutions for tablets, TV and other devices.

Product Design

Prepare visual wireframes, prototypes, mockups, sketches and design for Web, Mobile apps and IoT devices


Technology Stack

The development team working on a project uses only modern and scalable technologies to implement mobile and web applications the way you mean it

Swift programming language
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React JavaScript library

Development Process

The Waterfall software development process (also known as the “linear sequential model” or “Classic lifecycle model”)
is one of the oldest and most traditional models for building Web or Mobile software.

Web and App Development Process - Waterfall

Key Services

Our development team is highly flexible and always strives to work in close cooperation with our clients. We guarantee the full transparency of our software development process and services at all stages of building a project

UI/UX Design
If you’re an seller and your business depends on your site, a custom E-commerce website is the solution you want. Our team of designers and developers will make a usable, responsive and effective ecommerce website for you.

Our delicate and committed quality approach, makes it possible to attain the best results with getting the buyer as well as the ability to automate the procedure promoting efficiency in operations. We develop a platform tailored to your business. Upgrade your internet business using our Ecommerce integrations and watch your business grow.
If you are a company owner and are worried about your business increase, custom CRM & ERP applications development is your best chance to outperform your competitors. Manage your company using our custom CRM & ERP software and elevate your business’s productivity exponentially. PVTCode will supply you with a software to track and improve interdepartmental communication in a way that is user-friendly and simple to use. Boost productivity of your business using our custom CRM & ERP solutions.
Optimizing the inner and external website environment is a key strategy for successful promotion. Our knowledgeable SEO specialists will research your website and thoroughly recreate Google’s specifications for optimization which improve site’s search engine rankings. We completely adapt to Google’s brand new SEO algorithms and make sure your website is optimized to the finest degree. Our expertise and time-proven methods guarantee the very best results.
We provide top-notch UI/UX growth services. PVTCode UI team has ever aspired to make simple, user-friendly, intuitive solutions to the clients. That’s why the improvement of user experience is among the most significant activities for our UX/UI growth team when generating apps. Our skilled and innovative UX/UI development team has over 10 decades of proven expertise in web application development. We definitely understand how end-users socialize with apps and how to make an easy-to-use consumer interface that offers an enjoyable experience for your target audience.


Most popular questions about software development, project management and QA

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Custom software is designed and developed according to the requirements of a particular customer. Such apps are often not suitable for a broad range of users since they implement the specific functionality.


  • tailor-made apps / personal software development process
  • cost minimization in the long-term
  • maintenance ability in the long-term
  • integration capability
  • qualified support


  • development and verification cost
  • programming and debugging time
  • unfair software development provider, low quality of IT services

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Private Code Group is a custom application development company that has been helping clients all over the world to reach their goals since 2014.
Our transparency and full involvement add value and help clients get the right products

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